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What Happens if There Are Lines on Your TV Screen

No matter the age of your TV, display issues can still happen. Most often, display issues like lines on the screen occur after a television has been jostled or moved around, especially after it has sat in one location for a long period of time. The type of lines, location, and prevalence can all clue you into what’s happening if there are lines on your TV screen so you can make repairs.

Black and White Vertical Bars

Thick vertical black and white bars can be an indicator that your TV’s T-Con board needs replacement or repair. This failure will typically affect the entire screen’s display. Carefully interacting with the T-Con board and its connected LVDS cable should change the TV’s display and show you that the T-Con board is still functioning, just in need of repair.

Colorful, Thin Lines

While T-Con board issues can also cause colorful lines, these thin lines can also be an indicator that the ribbons connecting an LCD panel to your TV’s mainboard are loose. Poor connections and wiring are a primary cause of color distortion, noise, and lines on your TV screen and are typically easy to repair, though more compact and complex televisions need to be disassembled conscientiously.

Potential Solutions for Display Problems

The first step you should take to find out what’s going wrong isn’t a very sophisticated one. Tapping the back of your television while it’s on and displaying unwanted lines might briefly make the lines disappear. This would be a sign to you that the wiring and connections, either to the TV’s mainboard or T-Con board, are loose.

Carefully tapping various parts of the TV can help guide you to the source of the display issue. Another common display issue that might cause colorful vertical or spidering lines is a damaged screen, which doesn’t necessarily need to be shattered to be considered damaged. LCD panels are delicate but can be replaced with care.

If you are struggling to diagnose the exact cause when there are lines on your TV screen, picking up the TV board kit that matches your device allows you to confidently repair the main components of your television. Trained technicians carefully tested our competitively priced TV board kits, which are ready to use with a 90-day warranty and come with the TV parts that fit your model.