Your TV Lost Audio: What Should You Do Next?

You’ve tried everything. The sound isn’t working no matter the app or movie you put on and you’re certain the TV isn’t muted. It’s immensely frustrating when there’s no clear cause of why your TV isn’t making a sound. There can be multiple causes for lost audio in a television. So, read here to learn what you should do next before giving up on your device.

Speakers and Output

The first step you should do is check that your device isn’t putting audio out through plugged-in gadgets like headphones or surround sound devices. If a family member or guest has been plugging things in, that might be the issue. If the audio jack is empty, however, try hooking up an external speaker and attempting to play audio there. If you hear sound through these devices but not from the actual TV, it’s a sign that your TV’s speakers are the source of the issue.

Replacement speakers should match the voltage of the original speakers. To prevent future issues, do your best to replicate the process that was used to attach the first speaker by noting how the original comes off.

Private Listening, SAP, and Input

If the TV you’re struggling with is a smart device, ensure that no one in your household has the connected app set for private listening. These settings will cast audio out to a phone as opposed to playing it through the TV itself and may be why you can’t hear anything. The audio settings could also be a problem if your television is set to Secondary Audio Protocol (SAP) and it’s attempting to play an audio track in a different language that isn’t offered by the movie or show.

Another issue could be that, while adjusting the TV or cables, the audio input or HDMI cables were jostled out of place. Simply remove these cables and re-insert them, then try the audio again from the relevant source to see if that solves the problem.

The Main Board

A more serious potential cause if your TV lost audio is damage to the primary circuit board, or mainboard, that connects all the television’s hardware. If the picture is still functioning on your television, the issue may be the connection of the wires. Repairing a television’s mainboard should only be done by experts or those with knowledge of the television they are working with.

If you’re certain the issue you’re having with your TV’s lost audio isn’t something that can be fixed by unplugging and plugging something back in, consider reaching out to us at TV Parts for Sale about our TV replacement parts. Our main boards are tested by trained technicians and our team members will gladly help you find the part that’s right for your device.

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