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How To Tell if Your TV’s Power Supply Is Bad

When you can’t get your TV to turn on at all, it may seem like this is a problem you just can’t fix. However, any device with a power supply board issue can have that power supply board repaired or replaced to fix the problem! Here are some tips on how to tell if your TV’s power supply is bad and in need of repair.

Your TV Won’t Turn On

The most immediate indicator that something is wrong with your TV’s power supply is being unable to turn it on. You may not be able to get the device on at all, or you may see a brief flicker of power before it goes out. There are a few things to rule out before opening your device to confirm the power supply is at fault:

  • Make sure that the TV’s power cord is connected to the device
  • Try other wall outlets around the house
  • Try to turn on the TV using the power button instead of the remote
  • Unplug your device and wait 30 seconds before plugging back in

Bulging Capacitors

Bulging capacitors are a common issue on power supply boards. The capacitor’s role is to maintain consistent voltage by storing excess energy, but power surges and excessive heat from the television can cause issues.

To find out if bad capacitors are at the heart of the problem, you’ll need to open your TV. Often the TV boards can be seen after removing just the back panel with a screwdriver. If the tops of your power supply capacitors are bulging, they have gone bad. You may also notice fluid leaking from the capacitors.

Blown Fuses

Blown glass fuses are easy to find, as the glass is often smokey in color, and the visible connection inside is broken. However, some devices have ceramic fuses that are opaque and require testing with a multimeter set to diode mode. If you are testing fuses on your power supply board, make sure that the TV is unplugged before you begin.

If you replace either of these parts and find they go bad again quickly, you may need to replace your entire power supply board.

You can get led down multiple incorrect paths when trying to tell if your power supply is bad. Many of the signs that suggest an issue with the power supply can also hint at problems with the mainboard or display. However, if your device isn’t playing any audio and you get little more than a flicker when trying to turn it on, it is likely an energy issue.

Our team of pros at TV Parts for Sale is happy to help you find TV power supply parts that suit your model and address the issues your device is having. Every part we offer is rigorously tested and safely shipped to you to ensure that you can get your TV powered again as soon as possible.