Troubleshooting When Your Plasma TV Won’t Turn On

Plasma TVs are known for their stunningly rich pictures and continue to be an incredible option for watching sports and action films. When your plasma TV won’t turn on, troubleshooting to try to get that display back can be frustrating. Once you’ve moved beyond turning it off and on again, here are some next steps that may help you diagnose the issue.

Test Power Source Issues

Sometimes, the issue isn’t the TV itself. If trying to turn it off and on again hasn’t worked, the first thing you should check is the remote you’re using. Dead batteries are an extremely common cause of TV problems.

If you’re certain the issue isn’t the remote, however, check the outlet that the TV is plugged into. You’ll want to ensure that the cords are fully plugged into both the device and outlet. Trying other outlets around the house could reveal that the problem wasn’t the TV but a dead electrical outlet.

Check for Any Functionality

Sometimes in the process of trying to get power back, you’ll notice small signs that tell you the TV is still functional and help you discover the root of the problem. If you hear moments of sound or notice that the picture appears briefly, you can begin trying other troubleshooting techniques that don’t focus on getting power to the device.

Potential non-power issues could be a poor connection to other devices like cable boxes or DVD players, which can give the impression of a plasma TV that won’t work. Try to pull up a menu or test different video sources to make sure that the issue isn’t an external device.

Look for Symptoms of Board Failure

If through the troubleshooting process you see things like a fuzzy screen, hear a popping sound, or notice the power light blinking, these could be symptoms of some sort of board failure in the device. Plasma TVs have multiple boards that could be the source of the issue.

X, Y, or Z-Sustain Board Failure

A picture that cuts in and out, a device that turns on then appears to immediately shut off, or a dark and muddy display all suggest a problem with the X, Y, or Z-Sustain boards.

Main Board Failure

A mix of no audio, no picture, and static suggests that there is an issue with the main board.

Power Supply Board Failure

If your device simply won’t turn on, takes a long time to start up, or appears on without any sound or video, there may be an issue with the power supply board.

If troubleshooting when your plasma TV won’t turn on indicates there’s an issue with your device’s power boards or display, our selection of plasma TV parts can help you make the necessary repairs to get your TV running again. Our carefully trained technicians and team members can help you find the parts that match your model and pick out a competitively priced replacement that suits your needs!

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