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LE645 and LE654 Main Board Replacement

When replacing the Main PWB, select the correct main board by confirming the 5th position of the Serial
number. The Serial number label is located on the back of the TV or on the side label.

Using the incorrect main board may cause the image to appear grainy or the image may appear upside

(ex. Model: LC65LE654UA, SN: 503A1212098, MB: 9LE365502720395 – see fig 1 & fig 2)
* 0= 1st panel type, 1 = 2nd panel type, 2 = 3rd panel type
Model 5th SN digit
(Panel Type)* M/B P/N P/B P/N
LC-65LE645U 0 9LE366501620395 9LE050006130550
LC-65LE645UA 1 9LE366502220395 9LE050006130550
LC-65LE645UB 2 9LE366502320395 9LE050006130550
LC-65LE654U 0 9LE366502120395 9LE050006140550
LC-65LE654UA 1 9LE366502720395 9LE050006140550
Interchangeability: None – main board must be replaced with the correct part number