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How To: Fix A Dark Screen TV

You have a broken TV and want to fix it, but TV repair is complicated, right? Wrong! Once you know the step-by-step process to repair a broken TV, it isn’t that hard. TV Parts for Sale is developing a series of how-to documents and videos to make it easier to fix your TV. Don’t throw it away – fix it!
Let’s face it, a new TV is expensive especially when it’s an unplanned expense. Fixing it yourself is usually cheaper than replacing your TV. And just as importantly, every TV that gets fixed instead of thrown away avoids unnecessary damage to the environment. By fixing your TV, you avoid adding yet another TV to some landfill, where it will sit until aliens dig it up later. Won’t they be confused when they see trashed TVs and plastic bottles? Don’t confuse the aliens – fix your TV, instead.

In this step-by-step tutorial we’ll show you how to diagnose a particular TV problem and then fix it. If you get overwhelmed at some point, you need only contact us to get all the help you’ll need. Our experienced representatives are ready to answer any of your questions, or to help you find the right low-price, like-new TV parts.

The problem we will address here is a black screen. If the TV powers on and has sound, but you can’t see the picture, first check the simple solution: has an input cable come loose? If not, then turn out all the lights and shine a flashlight on the TV with the TV power on. If you can see a faint picture, it means a component has failed, either the mainboard or the backlight inverter. It’s working, you just can’t see the images. We will address in another post what to do if there’s no picture visible with the flashlight test.

After you’ve diagnosed the problem – in this case a dark screen that requires a board replacement – the steps needed to repair it are fairly straightforward, once you know what to do. Follow the steps below to replace the board and get your TV working again.

Fix a Dark TV Screen: Step 1

The first step in repairing a broken TV with a dark screen is to locate your TV’s model number. This is usually located on the back of the TV on a large sticker, which also shows your TV’s serial number. We recommend writing both down, just in case. On some TVs the sticker will be on one side of the TV so that you can find it even if the TV is wall mounted.

Fix a Dark TV Screen: Step 2

Next, place your TV face-down on a table or other sturdy surface away from high-traffic areas of your house. Remove the back cover by unscrewing the small screws that hold the back cover in place, and set them aside in a safe place. Then remove the back cover. You will usually see 2-5 boards, which can be power inverters, mainboards, LED boards, IR boards (for the remote control), and even others. Find the board from which a wide, flat ribbon extends to connect to another, smaller board. These are the mainboard and the backlight inverter/LED driver board.

Alternatively, if you are unsure how to determine whether you require a new mainboard or a new backlight inverter/LED driver board, please contact us to get expert assistance in troubleshooting your TV components.

CAUTION: You must unplug the TV and ground yourself prior to removing the cover and beginning work, to avoid the danger of electrocution. If you are not familiar with this process, research it prior to beginning work on your TV!

Fix a Dark TV Screen: Step 3

Find the right part for your model number and order it from www.TVPartsforSale.com. For example, if your TV is a Vizio 43-Inch LED TV with the model number “D43-C1”, type that into the search box on the TV Parts for Sale front page. Select the part needed (again, contact us if you are unsure at any point), order it, and wait for our fast delivery.

Fix a Dark TV Screen: Step 4

Once your part arrives, repeat the process of removing the back cover, ensuring the unit is unplugged and you are properly grounded. Remove the cables that connect to the board being replaced, being careful not to damage the cables or their end connectors. (It can be useful to take a picture of the board with connections in place, to refer to when attaching the replacement board.)

Unscrew the board and remove it from the TV. Using the same screws, attach the replacement board, plug in the wires to the board connection points in the manner they were attached to the original board.

Before re-mounting the TV to a wall or stand, test to ensure it works properly by plugging in power and input cables, power the TV on, and try to watch something. If it works, you are set! Unplug everything again, remount the back cover of the TV, remount or place the TV, and enjoy your newly repaired television!


Repairing your TV can be confusing and challenging, but with a bit of research into the proper way to troubleshoot a particular issue, or by contacting us for expert help, you can easily determine what part to replace. TV Parts for Sale makes finding and ordering the correct replacement part a breeze. And, once you know the part to replace and have the replacement TV part in hand, fixing a TV problem is no harder than unplugging some cables and removing some screws. Quality TV parts replacement makes DIY TV repair easy and fun.