Your TV Won’t Turn On: What Do You Do Next?

Your TV Won’t Turn On: What Do You Do Next?

There’s almost nothing more annoying than going through a long day at work, getting home with a mind to relax the rest of the evening, and finding out that your TV won’t work. There could be a number of reasons why your TV won’t turn on, so what do you do next? Fortunately, the problem is often pretty easy to fix. It’s important to go through all the possibilities before you decide that something is wrong with the internals of your TV. Here’s what you should do when your TV doesn’t turn on.

Try Turning It on Manually

Your TV might actually work perfectly fine, but you could think otherwise if you only ever try to turn it on with the remote control. The real problem might involve interference between the remote and the receiver, dead batteries, or a faulty button, so you’ll want to rule these out to begin with. Turn on your TV from the box itself to make sure that it isn’t just an issue with the remote control. It’s surprising how often this is the case.

Check the Power Source

The next thing to do when your TV won’t turn on is to check your TV’s power source. Inspect the power cord to make sure there isn’t any obvious damage. If your TV plugs into a power strip or surge protector, try unplugging it from that and plugging it directly into the wall to see if that fixes the issue. The wall outlet itself could have shorted out as well, so try a different one before you do anything else.

Perform a Soft Reset

Sometimes, all a broken TV needs to function properly again is a soft reset. It’s an easy process—just turn off the TV and unplug it from the wall or power source. Leave it unplugged for a good 30 seconds or so. Then, plug it back in and try turning it on. Soft resets could help recalibrate your TV if something went wrong inside of it. It won’t always work, but it’s definitely worth a shot before you take any drastic measures.

Inspect the Power Board

If nothing seems to work, you may have a real internal issue that you need to check out. You can open up most TVs with a simple screwdriver to get a look at its power board. There might be a few things wrong with the board if your TV won’t turn on. You could have a leaking or broken capacitor. You also want to look at your capacitors for any sign of bulging near the top. This bulging indicates that the capacitor failed and released hydrogen gas.

We hope your malfunctioning TV only requires one of these simple solutions, but if not, we here at TV Parts for Sale can provide you with a TV power supply board to replace your faulty one.

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