What Causes a Motherboard To Fry In a TV?

What Causes a Motherboard To Fry In a TV?

Your TV’s motherboard is the backbone of its circuitry. That’s why your whole TV will stop working if it happens to malfunction or fry. Under normal conditions, motherboards usually don’t run into any problems. That’s why it can be baffling when they do go down. It’s our goal to help you prevent any issues with your motherboard. That’s why we’re going to explain what causes a motherboard to fry in a TV?

Static Electricity

Static electricity is like kryptonite to a motherboard. In fact, it’s probably the most common reason why motherboards malfunction and fry. If you’re ever working on the components of your TV or a computer, you have to take some precautions. That’s because your body has a natural build-up of static electricity.

If you touch your motherboard without discharging your static electricity, it might short-circuit. That will render your motherboard completely useless! To avoid static electric discharge, take these precautions around your TV’s hardware:

  • Find a piece of metal to touch before starting work on your TV to discharge the static electricity
  • Work on an anti-static mat
  • Work on a hard floor
  • Avoid carpet and other static electricity-generating surfaces

If you follow these steps, you shouldn’t encounter any problems with static ruining your motherboard.

Power Surges

Another common way motherboards can fry is due to a power surge. Dangerous thunderstorms can cause power surges, which can destroy your electronics. A power surge can not only harm your motherboard, but it can wear down on your power supply. Damaged power supplies can eventually dip below the recommended wattage. As a result, your motherboard won’t receive power and will fail.

To make sure power surges don’t affect your motherboard, hook your TV into a surge protector. A quality surge protector will shield your TV’s components from shock and will protect both your motherboard and power supply.

Dust and Overheating

Finally, your TV’s motherboard can fry due to overheating. If your TV is placed in a particularly dusty or dirty area, dust can accumulate inside your TV. It will wreak havoc on the internal parts of your television, including the motherboard. You can avoid this if you clean the TV and surrounding area regularly.

Also, make sure your TV has room to breathe. Electronics generate heat when they operate, and they need proper ventilation for that heat to escape. Overheating will cause your motherboard to fail if not addressed.

So, there’s the answer to the question, “What causes a motherboard to fry in a TV?” If you require TV motherboard parts, you can always rely on us at TV Parts for Sale.