Simple Ways To Enhance the Picture Quality on Your TV

Simple Ways To Enhance the Picture Quality on Your TV

For how much we look at our TVs, we don’t always consider that we might not have the best picture that we can get. TVs don’t come out of the box perfectly calibrated with all the right settings, so it takes a little finagling to get the best picture possible. We’ll show you a few simple ways to enhance the picture quality on your TV so you can get the most out of your binge sessions.

Reign in the Color Settings

Many TVs are put into their boxes with the color settings far beyond what they should be. Sometimes it can actually make it difficult to look at the screen for too long because of how oversaturated everything is. You can fix this by simply lowering the color settings a few notches from their default setting. This is one of the more basic ways to enhance your TV’s picture quality and you can continue to mess with the settings on your TV to get the image quality you want.

Turn Off Eco Mode

A lot of modern TVs have what’s called an “eco mode.” This mode is usually turned on by default. The basic premise of this mode is that your TV will use external sensors to adjust the screen’s settings based on the ambient light of the room it’s in. This feature sounds nice but doesn’t always work as efficiently as we might wish. Turning this off so you have finer control over the settings on your TV will help to enhance the picture.

Reduce the Backlighting

This might seem counterintuitive, but a lot of LCD TVs come out of the box with their backlight settings turned all the way up. Having this bright of a backlight can make the shadows in your screen look much worse and reduce overall contrast. A good way to test this is by putting on a program that has both very bright colors and very dark shadows. Both should come through clearly when your backlight settings are set correctly. If you find that you need replacement LED backlight strips, TV Parts for Sale has you covered.

Don’t Set the Sharpness Too High

You might assume your TV’s sharpness setting should be set as high as possible. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly how it works. Turning up the sharpness setting can help the picture quality in small doses but turning it up too high can put a grainy or gritty texture around the edges of images on the screen. If the edges of everything start to look fuzzy and strange, your sharpness setting might be up too high.

For all the information you need about making your TV work for you, TV Parts for Sale is here to provide. Have a question about your TV? We’ll be glad to help however we can.