SAMSUNG SSB400WA20V Backlight Inverter


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SKU: SSB400WA20V. Board Number(s): SSB400WA20V, SSB400HA20V. Compatible Models: LE40F86BDXXEU ,LE40M86BDXXEU ,LE40M87BDXXEU ,LE40N87BDXEU ,LN40B530P7NXZA ,N40B650T1FUZA ,LNT4053HXXAA ,LNT4061FXXAA ,LNT4065FXXAA ,LNT4066FXXAA ,LNT4069FXXAA ,LNT4071FXXAA , LC40VF60CN. Notes: The part number SSB400WA20V can be found on the sticker to verify part

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