SAMSUNG BP94-02217A DMD Board


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SKU: BP9402217A Board Number(s): BP4100119E Compatible Models: Samsung HLP4663WXXAA Samsung HLP4663WXXAC Samsung HLP4667WXXAA Samsung HLP5063WXXAA Samsung HLP5063WXXAC Samsung HLP5067WXXAA Samsung HLP5663WXXAA Samsung HLP5663WXXAC Samsung HLP6163WXXAA Samsung HLR4264WXXAC Samsung HLR4266WXXAA Samsung HLR4664WXXAC Samsung HLR4667W1XXAA Samsung HLR4667WAXXAA Samsung HLR4667WXXAA Samsung HLR5064WXXAC Samsung HLR5067WAXXAA Samsung HLR5067WXXAA Samsung HLR5667WAXXAA Samsung HLR5667WXXAA Samsung HLR6164WXXAC Samsung HLR6167WAXXAA Samsung HLR6167WXXAA Notes: This board is on ly compatible with the models listed above

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in



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