SAMSUNG BP47-00037A Ballast


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SKU: BP4700037A, Board Number(s): 9137 008 29405, EUC 132d P41, 9137 008 20605, Substitute Parts: BP4700033A, Compatible Models: , Samsung HLS4265WXXAC, Samsung HLS4266WXXAA, Samsung HLS4666WXXAA, Samsung HLS4676SXXAA, Samsung HLS5065WXXAA, Samsung HLS5066WXXAC, Samsung HLS5086WXXAA, Samsung HLS5086WXXAC, Samsung HLS5087WXXAA,Samsung HLS5088WXXAA, Samsung HLS5665WXXAC, Samsung HLS5666WXXAC, Samsung HLS5686CXXAA, Samsung HLS5686WXXAA, Samsung HLS5686WXXAC, Samsung HLS5687WXXAA, Samsung HLS5688WXXAA, Samsung HLS6165WXXAA, Samsung HLS6166WXXAC,Samsung HLS6167WXXAA,Samsung HLS6186WXXAA, Samsung HLS6186WXXAC , Samsung HLS6187WXXAA, ,Samsung HLS6188WXXAA, Samsung HLS6767WXXAA, Samsung HLS7178WXXAA, Samsung HLT4675SXXAA, Samsung HLT4675SXXAC, Samsung HLT5055WXXAA, Samsung HLT5055WXXAC, Samsung HLT5075SXXAA, Samsung HLT5075SXXAC, Samsung HLT5656WXXAC, Samsung HLT5675SXXAA, Samsung HLT6156WXXAA, Samsung HLT6756WXXAA, Samsung HLT6756WXXAC, Samsung HLT7288WXXAA, Samsung RPT50V24DXSMS,

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in



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