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SAMSUNG BP47-00021A Ballast


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Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in

Product Description

SKU: BP4700021A Board Number(s): EUC 120 PH11 9137 008 08905 Substitute Parts: BP4700027A Compatible Models: Samsung HLP4663WSXAA Samsung HLP4663WXXAA Samsung HLP4667WXXAA Samsung HLP5063WSXAA Samsung HLP5063WXXAA Samsung HLP5067WXXAA Samsung HLP5085WSXAA Samsung HLP5085WXXAA Samsung HLP5663WSXAA Samsung HLP5663WXXAA Samsung HLP5667WXXAA Samsung HLP5685WSXAA Samsung HLP5685WXXAA Samsung HLP6163WSXAA Samsung HLP6163WXXAA Samsung HLP6167WXXAA Samsung HLR4266WSXAA Samsung HLR4266WXXAA Samsung HLR4667W1XXAA Samsung HLR4667WAXXAA Samsung HLR5056WXXAA Samsung HLR5066WXXAA Samsung HLR5067W1XXAA Samsung HLR5067WAXXAA Samsung HLR5067WXXAA Samsung HLR5078WXXAA Samsung HLR5087WSXAA Samsung HLR5087WXXAA Samsung HLR5656WAXXAA Samsung HLR5656WXXAA Samsung HLR5667W1XXAA Samsung HLR5667WAXXAA Samsung HLR5667WXXAA Samsung HLR5668WAXXAA Samsung HLR5668WXXAA Samsung HLR5678WXXAA Samsung HLR5687WSXAA Samsung HLR5687WXXAA Samsung HLR5688WXXAA Samsung HLR6156WXXAA Samsung HLR6167W1XXAA Samsung HLR6167WAXXAA Samsung HLR6167WXXAA Samsung HLR6168WXXAA Samsung HLR6178WXXAA Notes: This ballast is only compatible with the models listed above It has a 9″ wire