SAMSUNG BN96-25376A (WIBT40A) BT Module


Bluetooth chip

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SKU: BN96-25376A.

Board Number(s): WIBT40A,E252,WSBTM600A00.

Compatible Models: HG32NB690PF, HG40NB690QF, HG46NB690QF, HG46NB890XF, HG55NB690QF, HG55NB890XF, HG65NB890XF, PN51F5500AF, PN51F8500AF, PN60F5500AF, PN60F8500AF, PN64F5500AF, PN64F8500AF, UA46F6100AR, UN40F6400AF, UN46F6400AF, UN46F6800AF, UN46F7100AF, UN46F7500AF, UN46F8000BF, UN50F6100AF, UN50F6400AF, UN50F6800AF, UN55F6100AF, UN55F6400AF, UN55F6800AF, UN55F7050AF, UN55F7100AF, UN55F7450AF, UN55F7500AF, UN55F8000BF, UN55F9000AF, UN60F6100AF, UN60F6400AF, UN60F7050AF, UN60F7100AF, UN60F7450AF, UN60F7500AF, UN60F8000BF, UN65F6400AF, UN65F7050AF, UN65F7100AF, UN65F8000BF, UN65F9000AF, UN75F6400AF, UN75F6400CF, UN75F7100AF, UN75F8000AF, UN85S9AF, UN85S9VF.

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