SAMSUNG 4719-001959 DLP Chip


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SKU: 4719001959 Board Number(s): X12720303 207 X12720343 S12720323 S12720346 S12720326 P12720326 P12720323 X12720323 Compatible Models: LG RU52S7S1D LG RU52S251D Mitsubishi WD52327 Mitsubishi WD52525 Mitsubishi WD52725 Mitsubishi WD52825 Mitsubishi WD62725 Mitsubishi WD62327 Mitsubishi WD62825 Mitsubishi WD62525 RCA HD61LPW42 RCA HDLP61W151YX2 RCA HD50LPW42YX2 Samsung HLM4365WXXAA Samsung HLM437WXXAA Samsung HLM5065WXXAA Samsung HLM507WXXAA Samsung HLM617WSXAA Samsung HLM617WXXAA Samsung HLN4365W1SXAA Samsung HLN4365W1XXAA Samsung HLN4365WSXAA Samsung HLN4365WXXAA Samsung HLN437W1SXAA Samsung HLN437W1XXAA Samsung HLN437WSXAA Samsung HLN437WXXAA Samsung HLN467WSXAA Samsung HLN467WXXAA Samsung HLN5065W1XXAA Samsung HLN5065WSXAA Samsung HLN5065WXXAA Samsung HLN507W1SXAA Samsung HLN507W1XXAA Samsung HLN507WXXAA Samsung HLN567WSXAA Samsung HLN567WXXAA Samsung HLN617W1SXAA Samsung HLN617W1XXAA Samsung HLN617WSXAA Samsung HLN617WXXAA Samsung HLP4674WXXAA Samsung HLP5085WSXAA Samsung HLP5085WXXAA Samsung HLP5674WXXAA Samsung HLP5685WSXAA Samsung HLP5685WXXAA Samsung HLR4677WXXAA Samsung HLR5087WSXAA Samsung HLR5087WXXAA Samsung HLR5677WXXAA Samsung HLR5687WSXAA Samsung HLR5687WXXAA Toshiba 62HM84 Toshiba 52HM84 Toshiba 44NHM84 Toshiba 46HM84 Notes: This chip is only compatible with the models listed above

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in



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