MITSUBISHI 938P127010 Ballast


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SKU: 938P127010 Board Number(s): ZNN2393802A Substitute Parts: 938P178010 Compatible Models: Mitsubishi WD60735 Mitsubishi WD60737 Mitsubishi WD60C8 Mitsubishi WD60C9 Mitsubishi WD65735 Mitsubishi WD65736 Mitsubishi WD65737 Mitsubishi WD65835 Mitsubishi WD65837 Mitsubishi WD65C8 Mitsubishi WD65C9 Mitsubishi WD73735 Mitsubishi WD73736 Mitsubishi WD73737 Mitsubishi WD73835 Mitsubishi WD73837 Mitsubishi WD73C8 Mitsubishi WD73C9 Mitsubishi WD82737 Mitsubishi WD82837 Notes: ZNN2393802A is printed on the board for identification

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in



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