MITSUBISHI 938P060010 Ballast


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SKU: 938P060010 Board Number(s): 938P060A10 ZNN2097358B PT VIP 3AC380 O1 Substitute Parts: 275178 273012 Compatible Models: Mitsubishi WD52631 Mitsubishi WD57731 Mitsubishi WD57732 Mitsubishi WD65731 Mitsubishi WD65732 Mitsubishi WDY57 Mitsubishi WDY65 RCA M50WH72SYX2 RCA M50WH92SYX1 Notes: This ballast is only compatible with the models listed above The barcode sticker should read 938P060A10 for part identification

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in



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