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SKU: 69788 Board Number(s): P-VIP 150-180/1.0 E22h Substitute Parts: 915B403001 915B455011 915B441001 Compatible Models: WD73C11 WD73640 WD72840 WD82740 WD73740 WD92840 WD60735 WD60C8 WD65735 WD65736 WD65835 WD65C8 WD73735 WD73736 WD73835 WD73C8 WD73C9 WD60737 WD65737 WD73737 WD82737 WD60C9 WD65C9 WD65837 WD73837 WD82837 Notes: The part number is printed on the barcode label. COMES WITH IMPORTANT DOCUMENTATION ON HOW TO CLEAN THE 3 FANS IN THE TV

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in
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