Magnavox A01F0M1V-001-IV Backlight Inverter


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SKU: A01F0M1V001IV Board Number(s): A01F4MIV A01FJMIV A01F0MIV A01F4MIV A01FTMIV A0RF0MIV A0RF0MIV A91FNMIV A01FSMIV A01FAMIV A01FHMIV BA01F4F01031A BA01F4F01032A Substitute Parts: A01F0M1V003IV A01FJMIV A01FMMIV A01F3MIV A01FHMIV A01FAMIV Compatible Models: LC320EM1 LC320EM1F Magnavox 32MF330BF7 Notes: Partial part number is printed on the board sticker This part is used in the models with serial numbers beginning with DS1 or DS2, and the Magnavox models listed with serial numbers beginning with DS1

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in



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