LG EAT61813801 (WN8122E1) Wi-Fi Module


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SKU: EAT61813801.
Board Number(s): WN8122E1,141812220005J R01.
Compatible Models: 39LN5700UH AUSJLJM, 55LA6200UA, 42LA6200UA, 47LN5700UH, 47LA6200UA, 55LN5700UH, 42LN5700UH, 55LA6900UD, 60LN6150UB BUSULJR, 55GA6400UD, 60LA6200UA BUSULJR, 50LN5700UH BUSJLJR, 60LN5600UB, 60LA7400UA BUSULHR, 60LA8600UC, 55EA9800UA AUSYLH, 47GA6400UD, 47LN5750UH AUSYLJM, 50LA6200UA, 60PN5700UA BUSLLJR, 50LN5750UH, 50LN5600UI AUSYLJR.
Notes: The part number is printed on the sticker

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in



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