LG EAD62397301 Power Cord Triangle Shape


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SKU: EAD62397301 Compatible Models: 55UB9500UA 55LY340CUA 32LY340CUA 42LY340CUA 47LY340CUA 55UB8500UA 65LB6300UE 50LB6300US 55LB6300UQ 65LB7100UB 60LB7100UT 55UB8200UH 42LB5600UH 42LB5600UZ 55LB6100UG 49LB5550UY 49UB8200 60LB6100 42LB6300UQ 39LY340CUA 55LS33A5BC 55LS33A5DC 49UB8200UH 42LF5600UB 49UB8500UA 42LB5800UG 65LY340CUA 47LB5900UV 60UB8200 65LF6300UA 32LB5600 60UF7700UJ 49UF7600UJ 50LF6100UA 55LF6100UA 32LB560B 39LB5600UH 39LB5600UZ 43LF5400UB 55LF6000UB Notes: N/A

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in



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