LG 6922L-0159A LED BAR


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SKU: 6922L-0159A Board Number(s): 6922L-0159A Substitute Parts: N/A Compatible Models: 55UH6030-UC.AUSFLJR 55UH6030-UC.AUSWLJR 55UH6030-UC.BUSFLJR 55UH6030-UC.BUSWLJR 55UH6090-UF.BUSFLJR 55UH6090-UF.BUSWLJR 55UH6150-UB.AUSWLJR 55UH6150-UB.BUSFLJR 55UH6150-UB.BUSWLJR 55UH615A-UC.AUSWLJR 55UH615A-UC.BUSFLJR 55UH615A-UC.BUSWLJR Notes: The part number is printed on the barcode label. Please check # on bar before ordering

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 6 × 6 in



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