AUO 55.06A69.001 T-Con Board


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SKU: 5506A69001.

Board Number(s): T370XW02, 06A691A.

Substitute Parts: 5537T03064, 5537T03021, 5537T03C03, 5537T03050, 5537T03065, 5537T03057, 5537T03041, 5537T03035.

Compatible Models: VW37LHDTV10A ,VW37LHDTV20A ,VW37LHDTV30A ,37PFL5322D37 ,37PFL7332D37 ,DP37647.

Notes: The barcode sticker on your part should read 5506A69001 somewhere in the sequence.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in



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