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Is It Worth Replacing Your TV’s Main Board?

When you have a TV, diagnosing and repairing its issues is a top priority. Power surges, overheating, and dust can all damage one of the most important parts of your device: the main board. If your TV’s main board is causing problems, you need to consider how you want to move forward: Do you want to undergo repairs or is it worth replacing your TV’s main board instead?

Repairs Are Complex

Repairing a motherboard or main board on a TV isn’t as intimidating as repairing similar boards on more complex devices, but doing so still requires a level of technical skill far beyond replacing the part. Choosing to repair the main board yourself may turn into trial-and-error testing if you don’t have prior experience working with that one, as the events that damage the main board in the first place can affect multiple functions of the board at once.

For those who haven’t worked with the parts before, replacement will be the faster, less stressful option.

The Cost To Replace Is Lower

Repairs require technical skill and time investment, two things that will cost owners more money in the long run if they reach out to a service for help. Opting to replace the motherboard can cost less, as the price of these boards can go as low as 15 dollars.

Some TV repair shops charge on an hourly basis, so the time spent diagnosing, repairing, and then retesting can easily bump owners over their budget. Even for main boards and motherboards in the higher price range, asking for a replacement instead of a repair can save time and money.

Reliable Parts are Available

It may seem hard to find parts for older televisions, but part-harvesting and recycling have ensured that the boards of many makes and models are still available today. As long as you can identify the model of television you own, it won’t be impossible to locate the necessary replacement parts and get your device running smoothly again.

When buying used TV motherboard parts, you want to make sure that the seller makes a guarantee or warranty available. Problems often occur during the shipping of these delicate parts and the peace of mind that comes from a warranty is important.

In most scenarios, it’s worth it to replace your TV’s main board instead of taking the time to repair the part. Our team at TV Parts for Sale is happy to help customers find the part their device needs to start looking, sounding, and working its best again. Trained technicians carefully test every item in our large catalog of affordable TV motherboard parts to ensure that the part you receive won’t need its own repairs any time soon.