Difference Between a Motherboard and a Mainboard in a TV

The most important thing to understand about the difference between a motherboard and a mainboard in a TV is that there really isn’t one! Each mainboard or motherboard will be different between device models, but the names can be used interchangeably. The functions of a motherboard and a mainboard are the same.

A Part of Many Names

Mainboard and motherboard aren’t the only two names you come across when looking through TV anatomy and repair guides. In some cases, mainboards are also called:

  • Circuit boards
  • System boards
  • Baseboards
  • Mobos or MBs
  • Planar boards

In Macintosh devices, the mainboard is referred to as the logic board, so expect to see this name in the mix as well. A notable difference between motherboard and mainboard is that the prior is often used in the context of computers more than TV parts.

The Mainboard’s Purpose

The mainboard will always serve the same purpose (no matter what name it has.) This board is the primary circuit board of the television. It decodes signals sent to your device and translates them into audio, display, and power functions. The mainboard will always be the circuit board that allows your device to fully function, making it one of the most important parts of the system.

Finding Your TV’s Replacement Board

When you’re searching for the right replacement TV board parts, start by locating your TV’s model number or SKU. Each manufacturer will have a different naming convention for their device SKUs, so this won’t be a string of numbers and letters you can guess at.

If you no longer have the device’s original box, model numbers can often be found on a sticker on the back of the TV itself. The system settings on modern TVs also often display the model information.

Once you have your device’s model number, our team at TV Parts for Sale is happy to help you find the board repair kits and mainboard parts you need. We have mainboards for a wide variety of device models, so feel free to reach out to our experienced team members if you have any questions.

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