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Choosing the Right Replacement LED Light Strips for Your TV

Choosing the Right Replacement LED Light Strips for Your TV, TV Parts for Sale

TVs may seem like complicated machines if you’ve never looked inside one. Even if you have, the idea of removing or replacing anything inside those cases might be intimidating. We want you to have the knowledge you need to make the necessary repairs to your TV yourself. One of the things you may notice is off about your TV is that the LED lights inside it can fail over time. Replacing these lights is actually not that difficult, but you do need to make sure you have the correct parts if you want your TV to work correctly. We’ll take you through choosing the right replacement LED light strips for your TV, ensuring you don’t end up with unusable parts.

Match the Product Number

The most important thing to look at when choosing replacement LED light strips for your TV is the product number on your TV’s screen. It’s crucial that you understand that this isn’t the same number as the model number of the TV itself. Going off the TV’s model number could have you buying the wrong parts. You’ll need to open your TV and find the product number on the screen itself to make sure you match up the right LEDs to the monitor.

Choose the Right Size

The great thing about replacement LED lights is that they come in large quantities for a relatively low price. You still want to make sure you get the right length and width of strips, though. If you need to replace a lot of LED lights in a large TV set, you don’t want to run out of lights halfway through. Before you buy, it can help to measure out how much length you’ll need in order to fully repair your TV’s LED lights.

Be Aware of the Brand

The brand of the TV is also an important aspect of its design. Not all LED strips are made equally, nor are they all interchangeable. Is your TV a Samsung, an LG, or another brand? If you’re not sure what LED strips to buy, matching them up by brand can help give you a better chance of getting the correct lights for your specific TV.

When you’re in the market for LED strips for TV repair, TV Parts for Sale is your online shop for everything you need. We want you to have the components that will get your TV back up and running like new again.